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Dr. Gartner has been quoted widely in the media. A selection of print, television, cable, radio, and Internet interviews is listed below. He is available to talk to select media reporters and interviewers. For more information or to arrange an interview, call him at 212-533-0345 or email him at

Media Interviews and Public Communications

PRINT (a partial listing): New York Times; Associated Press; Los Angeles Times; London Times; Washington Post; USA Today; The Nation; Baltimore Sun; New York Newsday; New York Review of Books; Rolling Stone; Bergen Record; Khaleej (Dubai) Times; Cleveland New Dealer; National Catholic Reporter; Houston Chronicle; Cosmopolitan; The Australian; Miami Herald; Seattle Post-Intelligencer; Salt Lake Tribune; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; Syracuse (NY) Post Standard; Press of Atlantic City; Modesto (CA) Bee; Decatur (AL) Daily; News Virginian; Ventura County (CA) Star; Wilkes-Barre Times Leader; Santa Fe New Mexican; Lawrence (KA) Journal-World; La Crosse, (WI) Tribune;  Myrtle Beach Sun News; Defiance (OH) Crescent-News; Sault Ste. Marie Star; North Bay (ON) Nugget; Cosmo Girl, and others.

RADIO, TELEVISION, CABLE, AND INTERNET (a partial listing): NPR (Diane Rehm Show), CNN (Paula Zahn Now); CBS (The Early Show); Fox News (Geraldo at Large); WABC TV-New York; NBC News Channel; MSNBC Cable;;;; USA Radio Network (Daybreak USA); Liberty Broadcasting Network (D. Balart's American Radio Journal); Cable Radio Network (The AM Show); WOR (The Joey Reynolds Show, carried nationally, five appearances); WHYY (Philadelphia Public Radio); Radio 702, Johannesburg (Jenny Crwys Williams Show), and others.

Blog describes Weberman's ‘Ick factor’ starts as friendship. New York Daily News, Jan 19, 2013

Chairman of Poly Prep's board of trustees Scott Smith and brother, Philip Smith, on the opposite sides of sex abuse case. Interviewed by Michael O’Keeffe, New York Daily News, Aug 5, ‘12.

The Penn State NCAA Penalties: What About The Boys? Reprinted in blog by Todd Essig, PhD,, July 23 ‘12.

Men fear revealing sexual abuse. Voice of Russia interview by Sarah Neary. July 12 2012.

The Sandusky Verdict: Who Would Believe a Kid? Motherlode-Adventures in NY Times Parenting Blog by KJ Dell'Antonia. June 23 2012

Why Sexual Violence Should be a Household Word. quoted in article by Sarah Dropek, June 2012.

How Should We Talk to Boys About Sexual Abuse? Motherlode-Adventures in NY Times Parenting Blog by KJ Dell'Antonia. June 12 ’12

MaleSurvivor Urges Brooklyn DA Hynes, Ultra-Orthodox Community to Protect Survivors of Abuse, MaleSurvivor Press Release, May 21 2012

Protect Our Children: Unlocking the Mind, Interview in WABC documentary aired May 19, 2012

MaleSurvivor Responds to Reports that in 1998 Sandusky Labelled "Likely Pedophile." MaleSurvivor Public Statement, March 28, 2012.

Mets Pitcher Joins Winning Team of The Candid Sexually Abused. Interview by Todd Essig, PhD.,, March 28, 2012

MaleSurvivor Calls on the Boy Scouts of America to Publicly Acknowledge the Mistakes of Its Past and Commit to Establishing Clear Standards for Reporting Sexual Assault, MaleSurvivor Public Statement, Feb 27 2012

Boy Scouts of America threatened by abuse scandal. Interview by Gary Anthony Ramsay, PressTV, Feb 22, 2012

Abuse victims need time to seek justice: Syracuse case highlights shortcomings in law. NY Daily News Op Ed column, print edition, December 18 2011.

Caring For Survivors of Boyhood Sexual Abuse Is The Next Step In The Penn State Case. Article on, Nov 18, 2011.

Sandusky case triggers pain well beyond campus: As adults, victims suffer nightmares, anger, anxiety from childhood abuse, MSNBC, Nov 2011

Advocates find hope amid sex abuse scandals. CNN Radio Reports Podcast: Nov 2011: podcast.

An Open Letter to Mike McQueary: On the plight of the whistleblower. story by Jane Leavy. Nov 2011

Grown-ups Must Act Like Grown-ups. story by Jane Leavy, Nov 2011

Gender plays role in school sexual assault cases, article in Augusta (GA) Chronicle, September 29, 2011.

Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse — Looking Through a Gendered Lens. Interviewed by Lindsey Getz, Social Work Today, March/April 2011 Issue, Vol. 11 No. 2, p. 20.

The Rape of Men. NY Times Opinion Page letter, print edition, March 5, 2011, p. A20

Stepping out from the shadows: Senator Brown speaks about childhood sexual abuse. Psychology Today’s Psychoanalysis 3.0 blog, selected by PT editors as Essential Reads in Child Development, Feb 20 2011

Talking about sexually abused boys, and the men they become. Psychology Today’s Psychoanalysis 3.0 blog, selected by PT editors as Essential Reads in Child Development, Jan 30 2011.

Myth busters: Breaking through the shame of male sexual victimization, article in CrossCurrents: The Journal of Addiction and Mental Health, Autumn 2010.

Feds undercounting rape victims, advocates warn, CNN Interview, September 14, 2010.

NY must give child sex abuse victims more time. NY Newsday Op Ed column, print edition, April 23, 2009

Healthy Minds: Recovering from Abuse -- Television interview with Dr.Jeffrey Borenstein, Long Island PBS station WLIW21, January 11, 2009.

Love Among the Ruins, O! The Oprah Magazine article, October, 2008.

"Abuse Victims Viewed Differently," Associated Press, October 21, 2007, by Robert Tanner, appeared throughout the United States and internationally.
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"Many still don't see women as sex predators: Boys can have trouble eliciting sympathy - when they're willing to come forward," Houston Chronicle, December 17, 2006, by Sarah Viren
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Disputing the cycle of sexual abuse. Interview by Bryn Nelson, New York Newsday, October 19, 2006

"Hot For Teacher", Cosmo Girl, September, 2006, by Jessica Dulong. Click to read the article.

"They Deserve It", The Nation, July, 2006, by Dan Bell
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"The Age of Consent", Paula Zahn Now, CNN, January, 2006
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"Boy Victims Loath to Tell of Sex Abuse by Women", The Cleveland Plain Dealer, January 1, 2006, by Karen Farkas
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"Hey Teacher Leave Those Kids Alone", The Australian, December 17, 2005, by Deborah Hope and Tracy Ong.
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"More Women Charged in Sex Cases", USA Today, November 30, 2005, by Wendy Koch
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"A Conversation With Richard Gartner, Beyond Betrayal: Men Cope With Being the Victims", The New York Times, March 1, 2005, by Claudia Dreifus
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"Calls to sex abuse hotlines increase after scandal ", USA Today, June 19, 2002, by Janet Kornblum
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"Female Child Rapists Generate Less Outrage: Why Female Sex Offenders Generate So Much Less Outrage Than Males", ABC News
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"Center to offer group therapy for sexually abused men", Howard County Times, August 8, 2002, by Jennifer Vick
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